Coghlan's Organiser Bags (12" x10", 10" x8", 7.5" x3.5")

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Keeping smaller items for camping, or anything really together can be made significantly easier with the Organizer Bag Set from Coghlan's. The set includes 3 bags, each of a different size to give you flexibility in storing various small items. Each bag has a mesh front that is good for ventilation, but is also great for quickly seeing what is in the bag without having to rummage through it. The Organizer Bag Set from Coghlan's secures your small items and still lets you readily see what is inside making them great for any organizational purpose.


  • Mesh front for venting and visibility
  • Hanger loop
  • Zipper closure
  • Set contains one of each: 12"x10", 10"x8", 7.5"x3.5" 
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