Coghlan's Pocket Knife Sharpener

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Keep your knives finely edged with this sharpening stone from Coghlan's, which features high-quality coarse (120) and fine (400) grit stone. Designed to sharpen most sport knives, it's made of electric-furnace abrasive grain and comes complete with vinyl carrying case. It measures 3 x 1-1/2 x 1 inches. Coghlan's makes the outdoors more comfortable and enjoyable with over 450 accessories for camping, hiking, fishing, and RVing -- from cooking gear to first aid kits, insect netting, firestarters, tent repair, and more.


  • Sharpens most sport knives quickly and easily with coarse (120) and fine (400) grit stone sides
  • Comes complete with vinyl carrying case
  • Affordable, essential gear for camping, backpacking, backcountry treks, international travel, and more
  • Product Dimensions: 0.8 x 5.5 x 3 inches
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