Deuter Trek Lite 300

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Deuter Deuter Trek Lite Sleeping Bag is a high performance sleeping bag with 80/20 grey goose down filling. Extremely lightweight, it takes up very little space, making it perfect for those who like to travel light without having to go without the comfort of down.

Select from 3 different models : Trek Lite 200, Trek Lite 250 & Trek Lite 300 depending on the amount of down filling preferred. For example, Trek Lite 250 has 250g of down filling.

The Deuter Trek Lite  Sleeping Bag models are ideal for both summer and spring.

  • Anti-catch strip
  • Can be used as a blanket
  • Compression pack sack (Trek Lite 300)
  • Functional contour hood with differently tagged drawcords
  • H-Chamber Construction (Chamber Construction for Trek Lite 200)
  • Internal pocket
  • Warmth collar with velcro closure to avoid cold spots (Trek Lite 300)



Fill : Quality goose down 80/20 with 625+ cuin fill power

Inner lining : Responsive Poly-Lite 50 Soft

Outer Lining : Water repellent, tough lightweight and breathable Pro-Lite RS




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