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The Personal towel is the best-selling quick-drying microfiber towel on the market, and with good reason. Its ultra-versatile, absorbent, and superfast-drying performance make it great for any activity, including camping, travel, fitness, swimming and more. The Personal towel also stays fresh longer thanks to Polygeine® odor control. With three fresh new prints, it's easy to make a personal statement with the Personal towel.

  • Soft fabric: Microfiber fabric feels soft and smooth against skin.
  • 4x Absorbency: Absorbent fabric soaks up 4 times its weight in water, which can be wrung out easily.
  • Superfast-drying: Dries nearly 70% faster than comparable cotton towels.
  • Fresh: Polygiene® odor control helps keep towel fresh.
  • Compact: Takes up less space than similar cotton options.
  • Convenient: Hang loop and zippered storage pouch included for easy drying and packing.
  • Practical: Machine washable.


  Face Hand Body Beach
Color Blueberry, Clover, Grapefruit, Charcoal, Agave Blueberry, Clover, Grapefruit, Charcoal, Agave Blueberry, Clover, Grapefruit, Charcoal, Agave, Astral Current, Painted Hills, Woodland Wilds Blueberry, Clover, Grapefruit, Charcoal, Agave, Painted Hills, Astral Current, Woodland Wilds
Weight (Standard) 0.7 oz 2.9 oz 6.4 oz 9.7 oz
Weight (Metric) 0.02 kg 0.08 kg 0.18 kg, 0.28 kg,
Width (Standard) 10 in 16.5 in 25 in 36 in
Width (Metric) 25 cm 42 cm 94 cm, 91 cm,
Length (Standard) 14 in 36 in 54 in 59 in
Length (Metric) 35 cm 92 cm 137 cm, 150 cm,
Country of Origin Made in Korea Made in Korea Made in Korea, Made in Korea,
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