Black Diamond Hotwire Quickdraw

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The lightweight Black Diamond HotWire® quickdraw set lets you climb, clip and clean with ease.


  • Straight-gate Nitron 'biner on top and a hot-forged HotWire® 'biner on bottom are linked by a 14mm Dynex dogbone runner, creating a strong and light quickdraw
  • Hot-forged HotWire 'biner is 20% lighter than previous versions, yet maintains the same easy-to-use size of the original HotWire
  • Nose angle on the HotWire has been opened slightly to improve the ease of clipping
  • Hot-forged Nitron 'biner features an ergonomic, hot-forged gate for easy clipping; keylock gate won't snag on protection, slings or bolt hangers
  • Rubber Straitjacket™ insert in runner loop keeps the bottom carabiner in proper orientation for easier and more efficient clipping
  • The Black Diamond HotWire Quickdraw set is available in a 12cm length


Technical specs

Best Use
Gate Open Clearance
22 / 25 millimeters
Strength Major Axis Closed
24 / 24 kilonewtons
Strength Major Axis Open
8 / 9 kilonewtons
Strength Minor Axis
8 / 7 kilonewtons
91 grams
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