Coghlan's Emergency Tinder Kit

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Never be caught without fire as long as the Coghlan's Emergency Tinder Kit is available. Start fires without matches even if wet using the included waterproof flint match. A 5-7 minute burn time ensures adequate time to light the main fuel source. Coghlan's makes the outdoors more comfortable and enjoyable with over 500 accessories for camping, hiking, fishing, and RVing -- from cooking gear to first aid kits, insect netting, firestarters, tent repair, and more.


  • Solid fuels are great for use in our Emergency and Foldable stoves
  • Fire Paste is ideal for lighting damp wood
  • Fire Discs and Sticks are made from sustainable wood chips and wax to allow plenty of time for wood to catch or as a heat source on their own
  • Our Tinder Kit and separate Tinder are a lightweight and compact way of ensuring fire is always quickly available
  • Product Dimensions: 3 x 2.2 x 1 inches
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